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July 4, 2009
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Lately, I’ve noticed some talk on Werelist about just how much publicity we as a community really want. Some believe it would be wonderful to have therianthropy become well-known, while others would just as soon keep themselves secret.
I can respect either opinion. It’s the people who insist that no therian should want to tell anyone about their therianthropy that perplex me. These people tell other therians that therianthropy is a personal thing that shouldn’t be shared with anyone, and seem to be convinced that anyone who wants to make their therianthropy public or even semi-public cannot possibly be a ‘serious, true therian’.

First of all, these particular therians must not realize that their willingness to participate in Werelist breaks their own rules. In talking about their therianthropy – even anonymously – they make themselves partially ‘public’.
Secondly, if it weren’t for therians making themselves public, the community would have never come to be, since we never would have found one another.

But more importantly, therianthropy IS a personal thing, to be shared with people who you personally decide to share it with. No one is asking you to shout it from the rooftops, but if that is what YOU PERSONALLY want to do, there is no reason you shouldn’t.
I personally never want to live with anyone again without telling them about my therianthropy. I am so much more relaxed when I know I can truly be myself.

To share is not to render ‘not your own’. To share is to celebrate, and you ought to celebrate your animality, just as you should celebrate your humanity! To be open is to be free.
And as a side note: to those of you who believe that making therianthropy known to mainstream society will result in our persecution…. Please. Get some perspective. This is not the Burning Times, the Holocaust, or the Civil War, and the Christian Right and all the hillbillies are much too busy with the gays to worry about a bunch of kooky kids who believe they’re animals.

For therians who believe in therian hunters, a war between weres and vampires, or physical shifting: copy and tailor above retort appropriately.

Yay for lots of therianthropy writing!
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WolfDagger6 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010
Shalom, wolf. I like what you have said verry well. I have a feeling that this will put quite a bit of chatter out to some therians. Nice work!

csberne Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2010
First of all, happy full moon! Second of all, it's surprising to find other therians on Dev Art! I have no idea how, but I didn't think to look.

First of all, I completely agree, and I would like to submit that a lot of the people who claim to be therians are jumping on a cool-sounding band wagon. Same with psi vamps, adepts, hereditary witches, empaths, and open-channels. This is probably where a lot of this bullshit comes from and, I think, where we get the most stupid submissions. People talking about whether or not we should keep it personal or take it public, whether it means anything spiritually, etc etc etc are missing the point. Therianthropy, I believe, is just one more piece of the puzzle of who each of us is, and not our entire identity.

Or something.
PerianArdocyl Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2010
If other therians had not gone public, I would still be struggling with my animal nature. =)
tinycarnivore Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
I do beleve that we should become public, and im very strong with that. if some fear there freinds tagging them as insain, then they are not true freinds and it will be a good thing for them to leave, im mean, we cant live in holes are hole lives. its time to stop hiding from nothing.
Tkb4 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2010
This is so awesome! I believe that Therians shouldn't just use their Therianism to gain publicity. It's better kept a secret! ^_^
KigaWeirdo Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2010
Hehe... I found that were versus vampire-thing quite funny, since I think a person who believes that s/he is a vampire is an otherkin = therian of a kind, since vampires are mythological creatures, not humans. x) So it would be quite funny if someone really was afraid of such a thing.
And it's also funny that I'm both gay and therian. So no matter what's the cause, I will always get weird looks XDD And I just find it funny alltogether.
SummonerWolf Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2010
Haha! Yea, a lot of things to do with therianthropy are funny. ^^
If anyone laughs at you being therian and gay, just remind them how many nonhuman species engage in homosexual activity (hint: it's a lot). x3
KigaWeirdo Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2010
They are. We shouldn't take ourselves too seriously! ^^

Hehe, that's a great point you got there! x3
EinsamWolfgang Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2010
I'm not too openly public about my Therianthropy. Only my friends who I trust know. I just didn't want to keep that big of a secret from all of my closest friends. And you know what? They accepted me and from what I can tell they believe me. So I am content. And no, I don't think publicly open therians will be hunted down and shot or burned at the stake.
W-Lupus Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2010   Writer
meh , its kinda a hard one to say which view is right. i mean , the majority of people i know would brand me insane if i was to be open about it , yet keeping yourself to yourself is really depressing. Isolation isnt fun , and we all want to belong anyway... yes , including the non confromists (Youre just confroming non confromists).
yes , im ranting. i know >.< , but really its hard to say what to do. I mean , i'm not on the werelist , or anything else like that and dealing with this on your own is hard. You yourself should have an idea what you want to do about this sort of thing.
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